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The Union Office Location
1185 Concord Street N.
Suite 410, South Saint Paul, MN 55075

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Raymond J.Donohoe - Business Manager Local 35
ph: 651-686-6447    e-mail:

Pat Callies - Webmaster for Local 35

Local 35 of the International Union of Operating Engineers represents workers across the metropolitan twin cities area through a diverse membership and a shared common purpose.

Our membership and elected leaders work together in a shared desire for dignity, respect, fairness and recognition of their value, both on the job, on pay day and within society.  Our members expect and have a strong say in their union.  Empowering individuals and focusing that combined power to benefit its members is number one goal of Local 35.  This is your Union.

It is true that there is "strength in numbers."  That is why workers form and join Unions.  But unless there is quality, capability and professionalism within the Union's leadership and members, the groups strength is quickly diminished.  Local 35 provides leadership and a professional staff of the highest caliber.

Most importantly, Local 35 elected leaders and officers are held accountable.  Combining solidarity, the strength of nearly 200 members, our purpose, our focus, our accountability and expertise, not to mention several years of compliance with the MPCA, creates a powerful, effective voice which our employer has a difficult time ignoring.

The issues facing our workers, and the company they work for, are more complex than at any time in the history of organize labor.  Effectively representing your interests requires a Union that is innovative, progressive and forward thinking. 
We are that Union for you and your family.

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